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16 April 13

The Sprint Sim & User Guide


The Sprint Tool has been developed by Intel and the Mathematical Association. It has been designed to support the needs of students and teachers in the classroom for KS3 and KS4. The Race Simulator uses real world sprint data to create an animated representation of a race. It also allows students to collect and enter their own data.

The Sprint Tool

The Sprint Tool will provide the following for Students and Teachers:

  • The interactive capabilities of the Tool enable students to explore the concepts of time, distance and speed.
  • The interface is set up so you can view several aspects of the race at the one time to discuss and interpret graphs modeling real situations.
  • Personalise your interface and compete with your friends on the racetrack which provides a fun aspect to your learning.
Getting started
How to install the Sprint Tool

Click on the badge to the right to install the Sprint tool on your computer.

You may be asked to install Adobe Air to run the Sprint tool (only if AIR is not already installed on your computer).

Once the Sprint Tool launches you have arrived on the Data page. This Sprint Tool interface is set up so you can view several different aspects of the race at the one time. Click on the arrows to read more information for help on each section.

The Running track (100m)

On the running track there are 4 preset runners on the track to compete against each other with different runner names. The distance of the race is depicted along the X Axis. Press “Play” to start the race. You can pause or restart the race at any time.

The Running Track

The Athlete list

To the right of the running track the ‘Athlete list’ panel displays the runner names featured on the current running track.

Tick the check boxes to view the information on the line graph about an athlete/s and press the button labelled ‘Update graph’ to view this information. The coloured boxes beside each name correspond to the information translated onto the graph.

Added to this feature select the actual name (highlighted in yellow) and within the Split time section the split time values update.

Selecting an athlete’s name will update the ‘Split time’ panel so that it displays that athlete’s data. The ‘Stats’ panel will also be updated when the race is playing.

Athlete list

Time and Distance graph

The Graph panel displays data in a line graph for selected Athletes (as specified in the ‘Athlete list’ panel). On the x axis is the Time in (s) and on the Y axis is the Distance in (m). Roll over each of the coloured boxes to get a more detailed description. Within the drop down menu you can change the different values of the graph for example (time/distance), (distance/time), (distance/speed), and (time/speed) the real time the values change in the graph. Click on the graph to zoom in.

The sprint graph
Split times

Select a runner in the Athlete list to view their split time in seconds during the race or select the runner on the race track.

Split times

The ‘Stats’ panel displays real time data for a selected athlete while the race is playing. Click the box to hide and reveal the runner information.

Stats section

Entering your information into the Data page:

Entering your information into the data page

Click on Data page at the top of the Tool. The data page contains 3 columns. Begin with the middle column by selecting the "+" symbol and select “New Race Entrant”. Add the names of your classmates into the "Add New entrant" panel.

The Data page
Adding a new entrant
  • Add your name into the Entrant details box
  • Choose Split point number with the up and down arrows.
  • Enter split times with Distance.
  • Press the “Add Entrant” button - this will then appear within the 100m Entrants box to the right.
  • Do the same with the other runners.
Add a new entrant
100 m entrants file – displays the names of the runners/entrants you have just entered
  • Select who you want in your race by pressing the 100m Entrants arrows.
  • Press "Start Race"!
  • The runners will appear on the running track on the Race page.
  • Have fun!
100m entrants

Useful information:

Whilst we have provided preset data we encourage you to use your own to data for a more fun and interesting way to use this tool.
For example: During PE class combine your mathematical skills with your fitness skills. Have a race against your classmates and get your teacher to record your distance and time with a stopwatch when you go to back to the classroom enter your results onto the data page on the tool.
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