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20 February 08
Using skoool @ Home

Using skoool @ is designed to work in a number of situations and locations - in the classroom, in the home, on the move.

How can be used at home, and how can your child get the maximum benefit from the interactive education content it contains?


Using skoool on PC's natural home is on the PC. Using a standard home internet connection, your child can access all of the resources the site contains.

By encouraging them to use the functionality contained in myskooolTM to download learning material to their desktop for offline use, your child has access to skoool's great content without being connected to the internet - meaning they can be learning interactively without running up a huge phone bill.

And bear in mind, skoool provides open access to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at home and at school. Without registration, subscription or any other barrier to access, your child can be in skoool at the click of a mouse.

Using skoool - Anytime, Anywhere is a groundbreaking service that delivers new learning and content models which release e-Learning from its tie to desktop computers and slow internet connections, and provides true learning anytime, anywhere and on any device.

All of's educational content is designed for use on PC, laptop, handheld PDA devices or advanced mobile phones.

Using the advanced content delivery system contained in myskoool, lessons and other learning materials can be downloaded to PC and from there can be transferred simply and quickly to laptop, PDA or mobile phone.

This means that using these devices, your child can be learning at the bus stop, on the journey to and from school, and at home.

If your child is using a PDA, he or she can also transfer lessons or other learning or revision content to a friend's PDA by beaming the content from one device to the other.

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