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20 February 08
Using skoool Technology

Using skoool is a unique, innovative e-Learning service designed to function on a number of technology platforms and devices.

Here, we present a brief guide to the various technologies that can be used to learn on, through

PC provides open access to learning for students and their teachers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at home and at school over the internet. The website gives skoool's pupils a range of Key Stage 3 and 4 learning resources, GCSE revision and homework material.

The PC can also be used at home or in the classroom to download lessons and other learning materials for use whenever the user wishes to access them. This breaks the tie between e-Learning and sometimes costly and slow, bandwidth-heavy internet connections. A full description of the myskoool functionality can be found here.


The Personal Digital Assistant is becoming an increasingly common, increasingly affordable mobile computing device. utilises and extends the potential of the PDA as an educational tool, by using it as a device for users to learn anytime, anywhere.

Students can download content from using the myskoool interface and desktop application, and simply and quickly transfer that content to their PDA for use on the move.

And, by utilising the "beaming" transfer functionality in the PDA, they can share skoool resources with their friends almost instantaneously.


Mobile phones are becoming increasingly sophisticated, both in their functionality and in the amount of data they can store and display.

The next generation of mobile phones, or Smartphones, will take the potential of the PDA as a handheld learning device and move e-learning to a new level.

In anticipation of that evolution, allows users to download content to their PC for transfer to their mobile using Bluetooth or irDA technology.

Students will be able to learn on the move as they can with the PDA content that has been developed, but will also be able to access an online version of the site through their mobile phones to retrieve useful exam study notes and revision tips.

This is only an initial example of the capability of Smartphones - will continue to display its innovation and contemporaneousness by developing new and exciting mobile applications.


The application which allows skoool to be available anytime, anywhere for its pupils is myskoool, an advanced content delivery system developed by Intel to allow users to take e-Learning offline and on to whichever device they find most useful.

myskoool enables high-media content to be delivered from the internet into a personal myskoool library that resides on their PC's hard drive and which can be accessed from the PC's desktop. Content that is downloaded through myskoool goes into my skooolbag, and can be run whenever the user wants to learn. The content can also be transferred to any device (laptop, PDA, mobile phone) and can then used offline in the classroom, on the bus or train, or at home.

To find out more about myskoool and its capabilities,  read more...

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