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01 November 10


New to skoool!
Number Line Tool Online Version 3.0

In collaboration with Intel and The Mathematical Association, the Number line has been designed specifically to support the teaching and learning of mathematics for pupils at Key Stage 3. The Number line tool offers a dynamic environment in which teachers and pupils can explore numbers and relationships between them.  In its simplest use, number lines can be created quickly and easily, and the display can be in decimal and/or fractional notation; the numbers can also be hidden. A point on the line, ‘n', can be dragged along the number line and its exact position revealed as a decimal to a chosen number of decimal places.  Further points can be positioned on the line and the environment will support pupils to make connections between related points on the line and begin to generalise about relationships using simple algebraic rules. Users have the ability to work on data that has been previously saved using the File Open and Save features

The Number Line Tool is now available in an online or desktop (downloadable) version.


Number Line Online (Version 3.0)

The Number Line Online tool allows teachers and students to use the tool directly from their web browser while connected to the Internet.  There is no need to download and install any software to your PC's hard drive.  The Number Line Online tool provides the same great features and functionality as the download version but you must be connected to the Internet to use it! 


Click here to launch the Number Line Online tool.


Number Line Desktop (Version 2.0)

The Number Line Desktop tool allows teachers and students to download and install the tool to your PC's local hard drive.  This means you can use all the great features and functionality of the Number Line tool without the need to be connected to the Internet.

The Number Line Desktop Tool  is available to download through's innovative content download system, myskooolTM. You need to download the myskoool browser, and then download the Number line through the browser onto your computer.

Click here to download myskoool.

To find out more about myskoool, click here

Number Line User and Activity Guides

Here are some useful user and activity guides to help you make the most of the Number Line tool:
Number line User Guide
Number line Activities (HTML format)
Number line Activities (MS Word)
Number line Troubleshooting

Technical Requirements

To get the most from the Numberline Tool, we recommend that you have the following set-up.
Technical Requirements


To send your feedback on the Number Line tool please e-mail

Contact Details

Click here to view contact details for the Number Line tool.

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