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18 September 07


Mathematical Toolkit developed by Intel in association with The Mathematical Association

Number line Troubleshooting

Occasionally it is frustrating when we cannot get ICT to do exactly what we want, so it is useful to know some of the constraints of this tool.

Defining number lines

  • All lines default to 20 divisions.

  • A maximum number of 4 digits can be input when creating a number line.

  • The value zero is always displayed as 0/1 on a fraction line.

  • Fractions are displayed in their lowest form.

Defining functions

  • If you want to define a function that adds or subtracts fractions, these need to entered as decimals i.e. a = n + 0.2 would represent a + n + 1/5.

  • If two equivalent relationships are defined, i.e. a = n*2 and b = n/0.5, point a will appear on top of point b. If you reveal the values of a and b, their equivalence can be confirmed.

Number line User Guide

Click here to access the comprehensive Number line user guide.

Number line User Guide

Number line Activities for KS3 Mathematics

Click here to access activities for students to follow while using the Number line tool. The content is available as a web page and as a downloadable MS Word document.

Number line Activities (HTML format)
Number line Activities (MS Word)

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