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18 September 07
search BETT Award for Mathematical Toolkit Category: Maths Key stages 3 and 4

The BETT Awards 2006 has further established itself as the definitive showcase for innovative and effective ICT education resources, having received a record number of entries from across the industry this year.


The BETT Awards are an important way of identifying and recognising high-quality ICT products for the benefit of both developers and educational practitioners.
The valuable partnership between Becta, BESA, EMAP and EC&T represents a commitment to providing practitioners with clear advice and guidance to assist them in their purchasing decisions.

From the Becta URL below, you can download a 3 minute video clip showing some teachers using the award winning Mathematical Toolkit:

The Quality criteria designated for the 14 categories of the BETT Awards 2006 reflect co-ordinated and ongoing work across Becta to create a Quality Framework for ICT resources.

By setting out the Quality Criteria in this way, the BETT Awards partners are stating that particular aspects of a product or service are key to recognising high quality. These resources can be celebrated as exemplars.

In collaboration with Intel® and The Mathematical Association, the Mathematical Toolkit and Number line have been designed specifically to support the teaching and learning of mathematics for pupils at Key Stage 3.

Number Line
  • The Number line tool offers a dynamic environment in which teachers and pupils can explore numbers and relationships between them. 
  • The 2D Shapes tool allows the teacher or pupil to create 2-D geometric objects on a co-ordinate grid of a specified scale.
  • Coordinates and graphing allows the user to create graphs on a specified set of axes by a mouse click or a tap on an interactive whiteboard.
  • The charting tool enables lists of data to be input and a range of statistical graphs plotted.
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