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27 January 13

Amaze your friends with these mathematical tools and techniques! These tools have been inspired and developed in partnership with Mr. Andrew Stewart-Brown,
Head of Mathematics at the Swaminarayan School, Neasden, London.
Jai Swaminarayan!

mental maths

What is Mental Maths?

Through simple step by step tools you will be able to solve complex calculations quickly and accurately. The tools are based on the ‘Vedic’ Mathematics system which is a series of Sutras discovered by Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, (1884-1960) late Shankaracharya of Puri Math.

  • Multiplying numbers just under 100 Learn
  • Multiplying numbers just over 100 Learn
  • Multiplying numbers – just over and under 100Learn
  • Multiplying numbers - just under and over a factor of one hundredLearn
  • Fractions- AdditionLearn
  • Fractions - SubtractionLearn
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