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26 March 13

Sensor Adventure


Sensor Adventure is a new game-based learning activity from aimed at engaging and motivating students about science through a series of online missions. The entire Adventure addresses various environmental/ green issues and places scientific experiment using technology at the centre of our response to these challenges. Sensor Adventure has been designed specifically to support the teaching and learning of science for
pupils at Key Stage 3.

Each mission involves a series of three science experiments which are designed to enhance the learners’ understanding of various science principles. These experiments are conducted in such a way as to promote investigative thinking, and are based on the correct selection of a number of sensor technologies. These are presented in various real world scenarios. The learners are encouraged to experiment using various sensors and are required to select the best sensor for the task in hand.

Launch Sensor Adventure

Sensor Adventure is designed for individual learners, teacher-led group work as well as class based teaching and learning.

The following sensors are used in the Adventure:
  • Temperature
  • Soil moisture
  • Infra red light thermometer
  • Light
  • Wind
How to Play

Click on the Sensors Adventure button above to start your challenge. Once started you can choose to investigate:

  • Weather and weather satellites
  • Bio domes and plant environments
  • Eco homes and technologies

To aid you throughout the experience, you are invited to use a scientist to help you. See how the experiments you are carrying out are linked to potential careers in science.

On completion of the mission a report is generated providing the learner with a breakdown of how well you did, giving you the chance to go back again to better your scores and improve personal performances.

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