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01 October 12

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Subjects & Skills

Subjects & SkillsAn analysis of the subject crossover and integration in the National Curriculum. 



At, we are keen to show students the value of what they learn in one subject in the context of what they learn in another.

One clear example of this is in the crossover between Maths and Science. Principles that are learned in one subject are vital to the understanding of topics in the other.

Science relates to many different subjects taught at Key Stage 3, in both development of skills and in factual content. The major areas of overlap with concepts taught in Mathematics are given below.



Communication using chemical symbols and formulae, equations and SI units Number and algebra: correct use of notation, symbols and diagrams
Extent and range of data to collect Problem solving: handling data cycle

Making observations; use of appropriate equipment, precision and reliability of data

Interpret scales on measuring apparatus
Representing and communicating data Pie charts, line graphs, calculation of mean values, lines and curves of best fit
Considering and evaluating evidence Interpreting and discussing results, repeating experiments and reliability
Quadrats Area
Symbols, formulae and equations Number and algebra: correct use of notation, symbols and diagrams
Speed calculations, distance-time graphs Use of formulae, compound measures, gradients
Weight, mass and gravity Use of formulae
Moment calculations Use of formulae, compound measures
Pressure calculations Use of formulae, compound measures
Light Angles
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