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03 August 14

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skoool is not just for students. aims to provide students and teachers with a rich and integrated solution to support the teaching and understanding of identified areas of difficulty in Science and Maths for Key Stages 3 and 4.

We have some great resources and features for teachers that let you learn about how to get the most from skoool, the potential of the LEARN path , and how closely Maths and Science relate to each other.

Using skoool in the classroom Knowledge drives our global economy, and that means students everywhere need to be prepared to think and reason. They need to be able to analyse problems, envision solutions, and collaborate with others. They must know how to harness technology to help them solve complex problems. And they must be introduced early on to key subject areas such as mathematics and science.

Education is the essential ingredient that will prepare us all for a changing future. New technologies will continue to transform the world in ways we cannot yet imagine. To survive and thrive in this knowledge-based economy, tomorrow’s citizens, employees, and customers must be equipped with 21st century skills. Intel is committed to improving education today so that students will be able to thrive tomorrow. Intel has been involved in education since the founding of the company. However, Intel's large-scale involvement with education began in 1989 and has increased dramatically during the past several years.

Through 2004, we have invested in excess of $1 billion worldwide in our education efforts. We will continue to deepen our efforts through a sustained commitment of time and resources. We collaborate with leaders from education, governments, multinational organizations, industry, academia, and research organizations to design and deliver programs in more than 50 countries on six continents. Our programs are customized to meet the needs of each community. Free of charge, we give teachers the tools, strategies, and resources they can use to make a difference where it matters most: in the classroom.
Using skoool in the classroom
Using skoool in the classroom is built to be used anytime, anywhere – including in your classroom. Here we describe how the resources lend themselves to group instruction, and make suggestions for the best way to bring skoool into the classroom.
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Subjects & Skills

Learning should never happen in isolation – what is learned in one subject may have a direct application in another. Here, we assess how Maths and Science cross over, so you can discuss and refer to those connections with your students.
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Subjects & Skills
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